I Am Analogue

Website needed was something up to date with the website trends. Specifically asked was to have a website “Front” but with a fully functioning shop were customers could browse the full services for them selves with no advertising getting in the way. However, the shop is full with product services to purchase on-line and have delivered or you are welcome to pick up at there Lab. The shop is not a distraction to any visitors wanting to have a pa-rouse around their services but easily accessible if needed. As this would be targeted at a very large audience it needed to be a “Responsive” website. Challenge Accepted!! This site whether your looking in the shop or browsing their website front, it seamlessly changes to accommodate any device the user may be using.

I Am Analogue is a Leeds based photography company. Image Editing, Printing, Photo Enlargement and much more. They can handle all of this in house. Did we mention that they are also the only Fuji Film Processing Lab within the UK.

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